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Faern Arosa - Lost in The Alps 2 Releaseweekend

Last October, the time had finally arrived! “Lost in the Alps 2,” the sequel to our first book, hit the bookstores, and it was a moment for celebration. A new feature in the second book is the inclusion of hikes by our guest authors. We spent a weekend with them at the Faern Hotel Arosa Altein to celebrate this collaborative project.

Before toasting to our success, we enjoyed a picturesque afternoon in Arosa’s natural surroundings. The itinerary included a gondola ride to the Weisshorn, offering a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding peaks. Some of us then hiked to the Älplisee, while others befriended birds and squirrels in the forest near the Obersee. After freshening up, we gathered for a well-deserved aperitif at the hotel’s Alpensand bar, where we were treated to an array of delicacies from the kitchen, including gnocchi, fried salmon, and lentil dal, catering to all tastes.

The evening concluded with an exciting DJ set, leading to a few unexpected dance sessions. Bedtimes varied, as did our arrival times for brunch the next morning. Following a hearty breakfast, we seized the opportunity to create additional content for the book in the scenic setting of the Faern Hotel. This included filming a short Q&A video to answer questions from our community about the project.

As delightful as our time in Arosa was, it flew by all too quickly. Soon enough, it was time to bid farewell, with everyone heading off in different directions: back to western Switzerland, Bern, Zurich, or even home to Germany. However, there’s more excitement on the horizon, as “Lost in the Alps 2” will be released in English just in time for the advent season.

Stay tuned and #bealpine.

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