The Alpinists

Workshops 2020

Even though the Coronavirus made it really hard for us to plan our workshops we managed to set up two workshops in Switzerland. Originally we wanted to do a workshop that would have led the participants to a foreign country but we had to postpone this idea to the year 2021. Hopefully, we’ll be able to realize our ideas in 2021.

During our first workshop of 2020 we again explored the Bernese Highlands. This in cooperation with Volvo and Nikon. From Volvo we got 3 cars, such that we could comfortably transport the participants from spot to spot. Nikon gave us a lot of equipment. Every participant was able to test out different Nikon cameras from the new Z series like the Nikon Z50, Z6 and even the Z7. There was also an abundance of lenses to try and we could show our participants what different kinds of pictures you can take with the different lenses.

Lucas refining his photography skills with the Nikon Z7 t the Bachalpsee.

Here the view that he probably saw through the viewfinder. This is the Bachalpsee and also the spot we visited on the second day of our workshop after sleeping in the Faulhorn Hotel.

After leaving the Bachalpsee and Grindelwald we drove to the Grimselpass with the Volvo XC 90 and XC 60

A sunset shooting at the Grimselpass.

We stayed until the blue hour. Like that our participants could even learn how you can shoot during such more complicated light situations.

The next day we weren’t fortunate with the sunrise as last year. But the mood we got was also really nice.

After the hike, we went back to our stay and edited the pictures of the weekend together.

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