The Alpinists

Workshops 2021

Also this year we were able to offer various types of workshops. In addition to our classic photography workshops, we also offered an editing and social media workshop for the first time. In addition to the Engadin and Bernese Oberland workshops we have developed a new workshop in Valais and had the honor to even provide a second Engadina Workshop due to the high request.

Valais Workshop

Later in August, we were able to share our knowledge of landscape photography, as well as social media and image editing, with another eight photography enthusiasts, as well as introduce them to the Valais mountain landscape.
Together with Sony, Valais Tourism and Sony, we were able to transport our participants comfortably, equip them with the most advanced camera bodies and professional lenses, and stay overnight in some of the most impressive locations in Switzerland. 

To get the first impressions of the workshop, Emanuel Kolb has created a summary video of the workshop:

After meeting up in Fiesch, we got to know each other better and started with the theoretical part of the workshop. Now knowing a lot of tipps and tricks for better landscape pictures, the participants were able to put their new skills to the test the following two days. We visited several Viewpoints of the Aletschglacier during blue hour and with an extra gondola for sunrise and cintinued our journey to Zermatt. Arrived there, the participants were able to capture the nightsky with the milkyway over the famous Matterhorn

Engadine Workshop

We met the participants at the train station in Pontresina and went directly to the Hotel Palü. After stowing the luggage, we distributed the Sony Gear and immediately started with a theory block. After a short lunch break, we continued the theory part with image processing and then packed our things for our first sunset spot. We drove our participants in our Volvos during the beautiful Engadine landscape with the glowing larches. We hiked about half an hour above Lake Sils to find the perfect location where the participants tried to put their acquired knowledge from the day into practice. We as workshop leaders supported the participants. 

After a very successful sunset shoot, we drove back to the hotel and enjoyed a well-deserved dinner. The day was not over yet, the participants wanted to work on their pictures after dinner. Loaded with energy for the next day, we went to the next spot – the Lej da Staz. In complete darkness and headlamp light we walked to the lake and waited until the morning light came. We looked for different subjects, different angles and had huge fun to capture the local beauty. Then, the delicious breakfast awaited us at the hotel. Another theory part awaited us before we went out again. In the afternoon we drove to Val Morteratsch, where we could photograph the golden larches and the glacier. On the way back we had a photo shoot with our Volvo.On the third and last morning we went again early to Lej Champfèr, where we could take cool headlamp pictures in the twilight. Getting up early was worth it because there was gorgeous weather waiting for us. The participants took beautiful pictures and for the last time we went to our theory room before saying goodbye to everyone.

Bernese Highlands

The first morning of our workshop we gathered all together in the swiss alpine museum in Bern. We teached the participants the basics of photography and went through the process of editing the photos in Lightroom. Before we continued our journey toward Grindelwald we made sure everybody had a professional kit from Sony and we made sure the Cameras were all set up ready to shoot. Together we took the scenic road in our Volvos towards Grindelwald and the cable-car up to First. We are staying in the mountain Hotel First Berggasthaus which offers an amazing playground to catch sunset and is close to our first sunrise spot and a true gem in the Bernese Highlands, The Bachalpsee. 

After catching all those beautiful Photos it was time for a well deserved breakfast and head further into the mountains. The area of the Grimsel-Pass offers a massive playground for landscape photos and we first stopped at the Valley of Rosenlaui to teach more about Portrait and Car-Photography before heading to our final destination.

We then captured the sunset at the panoramic road of Oberaar and stayed at the Oberaar Hut for the night. No time was wasted during our courses so we made sure to back-up all our files and go through the import, export and editing process before heading to bed and be well rested and prepared for the second and last sunrise mission which brought us above 2700m to the Sidelhorn. It’s a packed program we offer but it is also an experience that pushes you out of the comfort zone and offers beautiful rewards. The satisfaction you get capturing this beautiful landscape in the best possible light with our help is an eye opener and it’s always great to be out with like minded people and enjoy priceless moments in nature together.

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