The Alpinists

Workshops 2019

We are very lucky to be living in such a great country. Here in Switzerland, the mountains are right in front of our doorsteps. The possibilities to create pictures are endless.

This is one of the reasons we created our Swiss photography collective the Alpinists. Acknowledging these facts, we’ve always tried to inspire people all around the world to take advantage of their situation and explore their surroundings. With our past two workshops, we’ve managed to motivate several people to come with us on adventures through the Alps to get the best perspectives and to show them the beauty of our surrounding nature here in Switzerland.

In 2019 we offered two workshops. The first one took our participants to the Swiss Grand Canyon, to the clear turquoise waters of the lakes in Flims and a hidden waterfall. From the 25th to the 26th of Mai 2019 we made our first attempt to give our participants and the people who believe in us the chance of learning from us. We gave our best and we were really happy how the workshop turned out, giving us motivation but also points to improve for our second attempt.

From the 27th of September to the 29th of September 2019 our second workshop took place with support from Volvo Switzerland. The goal was to see some of the most beautiful places in the Bernese Highlands. During these three days, the workshop participants were on the road with some members of The Alpinists and were able to benefit from their knowledge and experience. With a mix of image processing and photography in the mountains, the participants were supported in expanding their photographic knowledge in a short but intense time. Various topics even reaching to such as social media presence, the establishment of contacts with brands and the design of portfolios were discussed.

Between all the knowledge that was being transferred, there was still time to enjoy. Hereafter you’ll find some impressions of our workshops. At first some of the second workshop in the Bernese Highlands.

One of our yearlong partners and sponsors: Volvo Switzerland helped us out with some of their cars so that our participants could enjoy the best comfort while traveling.

For one of the most important parts of a photography workshop: having the right gear, it was also taken care of. Sony and Foto Zumstein Bern supported us with a diverse range of lenses and cameras that our participants could use during their time with us.

Following you’ll find some pictures from our first Workshop.

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