The Alpinists


The Alpinists is a collective of eleven friends, everyone excited about photography, travelling and adventure. Based in Switzerland the group has constantly grown over the past few years and what once started with a bunch of people hiking together has now turned into the biggest Swiss outdoor photography community. All accounts combined we’re talking about a reach of nearly one million people.

The idea is to be an inspiration for all the young people out there. To show them what they’re missing out hanging at home. But also to call their attention to today’s environmental situation and the consequences of our actions. To present the beauty of our region. And to share our knowledge with people, who are longing to start with photography.

Everyone in the collective interprets photography his own way. From more classy landscape photos over to portrait, lifestyle and adventure we can offer a great variety of styles among the crew. We all set value on high quality content and are motivated to make every project the best project we’ve ever done.

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