The Alpinists

Joni Hedinger is a professional portrait and landscape photographer who lives in Rapperswil, Switzerland, with his wife. The trained carpenter bought his first camera in 2015 and discovered his passion for photography among others through instagram. In 2018 he decided to turn his passion into his profession and has been a self-employed photographer ever since. He loves to give room to his creativity, be it during a portrait shooting, a wedding report, outside in the nature or at a documentation. The goal of the young photographer is to tell a story with his work and pictures and trigger emotions of the beholder and the feeling of being there themselves. Above all his pictures should be visually appealing. Joni loves spending his time in the nature in order to capture breathtaking scenes in the mountains or the adventures that come with it. Besides that, he loves doing sports, making music and spending time with his wife.

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